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how to check the emirates id blacklist

how to check the emirates id blacklist

The United Arab Emirates is one of those countries that offers countless amazing destinations for everyone to experience. Travelers from the Emirates frequently fly in and out of the country. But have you ever thought about determining whether you are currently prohibited from traveling before you depart?

Those people who have committed crime are block listed in united Arab Emirates.

The biggest reason blacklist for UAE is to violate the current law of the countries.

UAE Travel Ban Latest News:

The Abu Dhabi Ministry of Justice recently introduced an innovative system in the UAE and the region to instantly track and reverse court enforcement decisions upon payment of fees. This new system removes the burden on individuals to collect proof of payment and cancellation documentation. This ensures a smooth and efficient process without the intervention of law enforcement officers or judges.

If a travel ban is imposed due to non-payment, respondents can download a copy of the cancellation decision via the Smart Her app. This will allow travelers to proceed with their travel formalities and provide soft copies if required. On the other hand, in situations involving the issuance of an arrest warrant for non-payment or the issuance of a garnishment order for a deposit or bank account for non-payment, the defendant may present a physical copy of the revocation to proceed with the revocation. Imposed decisions.

The new system also includes automatic notification to judges and officers via an internally built digital system. It provides up-to-date information on the follow-up and monitoring of defendant cases, improving the overall efficiency of the legal process.

What is a travel ban?

how to check the emirates id blacklist

A travel ban is a ban on an individual from entering or exiting the country according to a judicial or police order to protect the individual’s interests in situations such as criminal investigation, such as detention, or financial insolvency. This is an order sent by the government to ports in all states to do so.

This means that a person who is subject to a travel ban by the government will not be allowed to leave the country and may be arrested upon entry if the reason for the ban is not immediately made clear.

Types of UAE Travel Bans:

how to check the emirates id blacklist

Based on UAE regulations, there are different types of travel bans with specifications and consequences. To avoid being added to the UAE travel ban list, you must understand these prohibitions and ensure you comply with the law.

Entry Ban:

Entry Ban is one of the UAE’s most important travel bans. Unfortunately, if you fall under this ban, you will be permanently restricted from entering or staying in the country. Entry bans can then be imposed for a variety of reasons, including unresolved litigation, overstaying, financial debt, and criminal activity. Therefore, you must act appropriately as a qualified citizen. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to enter the UAE. And this ban has different durations, ranging from temporary bans (six months) to permanent bans (lifetime) in serious cases.

Financial Prohibitions:

These financial prohibitions relate to your country’s outstanding debts, loans, or financial obligations. Some people with large debts are not allowed to leave the country until their debts are paid off. This means that if you currently have a large amount of debt, you will not be able to enter the UAE for any reason.

Prohibition of employment:

Refers to some labor issues. For example, if you break your employment contract, violate labor regulations, or quit your job without notifying your employer. If you are subject to an employment ban, you may not work for a new employer or leave the country during the ban period.

Criminal Prohibitions:

Entry to the UAE will be refused in cases of criminal prohibitions such as murder or kidnapping. It could pose a threat to the security and stability of the UAE. Therefore, you will not be allowed to visit the UAE until the criminal ban is lifted.

UAE Travel Ban Some reasons:

how to check the emirates id blacklist
  • To avoid unexpected and inconvenient situations at airport immigration counters, we recommend that you complete the UAE entry ban check if you are planning to travel abroad. Travel bans can be imposed for a variety of reasons. The most typical ones are:
  • Ongoing criminal prosecution
  • Immigration violations
  • Unpaid financial obligations
  • Rental disputes
  • Employment without a legal work visa
  • Overstaying your visa
  • Notifying your employer before leaving the country and obtaining a work permit Undo
  • Global Disease Epidemic

How to check the UAE Travel Ban with a Passport number in Dubai Emirates?

how to check the emirates id blacklist
  • You can check the travel ban status online on the official Dubai Police website.
  • Dubai Police website launched.
  • Select the Services section.
  • Click on “Financial Case Crime Status” and then click on the “Access Services” option in the top left.
  • Enter your name and Emirates ID card number.
  • Get your results in just a few minutes. congratulations. You can travel to Dubai as long as there are no travel bans in place. However, if you have a travel ban warning, you will need to resolve the issue before traveling to Dubai.

How can I check the UAE ban status with my Abu Dhabi Emirate passport number?

how to check the emirates id blacklist

You can use the ‘Estafser’ service provided by the Abu Dhabi Ministry of Justice to find out if there is a travel ban within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. You can check.

How to check the travel ban in UAE?

how to check the emirates id blacklist

However, most UAE government services are conveniently and easily accessible via the Internet. There are no websites or service providers that provide information based on online inquiries regarding this topic.

Still, there are several ways to check UAE blacklist status offline.

1 Please contact the Immigration Bureau.

You can go to the immigration office with a copy of your passport and ask about your UAE blacklist status.

If there is an incident, you will be detained. Therefore, it is not recommended for critically ill patients in this country.

If you have an outstanding financial debt and would like to resolve it in the future, or if you have been charged with an offense and would like to pay a fine.

You believe that these may impose travel restrictions on you. This is the easiest application method.

2. Submit your UAE residency to the Immigration Department:

You are already in your home country and applied for a visa but it was refused. This could be the reason for the UAE blacklist.

If yes, please send a copy of your passport to a friend or relative to show them. But they are supposed to be in the UAE to conduct this investigation.

3. Hire a lawyer or law firm:

Instead of going there yourself or sending a friend, you may want to contact a law firm. This is because law firms receive a lot of information from the Immigration Bureau.

It may also be useful for removing blacklists. This method is reliable and efficient, but it can cost a lot of money.

4. Apply for a police clearance certificate:

This is his online route for UAE residents. All police stations in the country issue police clearance certificates to UAE residents.

Now it’s your turn to apply for a permit from the UAE Police. This can be done on the UAE Police website or using the UAE Police application on Android and ISO smartphones.

You can check the UAE blacklist using all the above options. If you’re looking for the best possible path, number 3 is a good choice.

A law firm can send a legal representative to formally inquire about your situation. So why not give it a try? It costs that much money.

How long will the UAE ban last?

how to check the emirates id blacklist

Being placed on the travel ban list prevents her from entering or exiting the UAE for a certain period. The duration of the ban depends on the type of ban and the specific circumstances. UAE bans typically last for months, years, or even a lifetime. Entry bans typically last from six months to life in prison. If you are prohibited from working, the period will be from 6 months to 1 year.

Therefore, the ban period can be influenced by various factors. Once the travel ban is lifted, you will be able to freely enter and exit the UAE. If action is not taken to resolve the issue, the travel ban will remain in place for some time. However, the duration of her travel ban can be shortened by clarifying her travel ban to the UAE with appropriate supporting documentation.

How do I lift the ban on travel to the UAE?

how to check the emirates id blacklist
  • If you want to travel to or leave the UAE, you can lift the ban on entry from the UAE. However, the specific steps and requirements may vary depending on the type of ban.
  • You should understand the reasons for the ban and consult a lawyer who specializes in UAE law.
  • You will need to address the underlying issue, such as obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your previous employer or sponsor or resolving financial issues.
  • Please prepare all necessary documents to support your application for lifting the ban.
  • Apply for removal of the ban through an approved government website, such as the General Directorate of Resident Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) or the Ministry of Human Resources and Empowerment (MOHRE).


“In conclusion, checking the Emirates ID blacklist is a straightforward process that can be done online through the official channels provided by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA). By following the steps outlined in this guide, individuals can easily verify if their Emirates ID has been blacklisted, allowing them to take the necessary actions to resolve any issues and ensure their ID remains valid and functional.”


Can I start an online travel ban check in the UAE?

Yes, you can check the UAE travel ban online. However, how travel bans are imposed varies by emirate. For Dubai, you need to visit the Dubai Police website or app. However, if you want to travel to Abu Dhabi, you will have to use the Estafser e-service.

How long will it take for the UAE travel ban to be lifted?

If upon review, all requirements are correct and appropriate, your request to lift the ban will be processed within 5 business days. If approved, the travel ban will be lifted. Alternatively, you can complete the inquiry process online. Additionally, some travel bans typically last for one year and are automatically lifted at the end of the period.

How much does it cost to lift a ban in the UAE?

Once these conditions are met, you are completely free to lift the ban. Therefore, you need to resolve all the issues regarding the ban and make sure that you can travel to the UAE without any obstacles.

How can I check the UAE blacklist online?

You can also check the UAE travel ban status online by downloading the Dubai Police smart app, which is available for both Android and iOS users. There is no service charge when checking your travel ban status online through the Dubai Police website and app.

How can I check my financial status in the UAE?

Visit the Dubai Police website or download the Dubai Police app. Login to your account. Please enter your Emirates ID number and police report number. Access real-time information about your case, including whether the case is still under investigation, referred to the prosecutor’s office or closed.

How can I remove the blacklist from the UAE?

The names of persons responsible for disbursing state funds may be removed from the blacklist by a written order from the relevant authority stating the reasons and reasons. In this case, the order to lift the ban must be issued by the Minister of the Interior or an authorized representative of the Minister of the Interior.

How can I check if I have a police case in UAE?

  • Check Dubai, UAE police case online
  • Dubai Police official website from your computer/laptop or mobile phone Please visit.
  • In the Services section, click Reporting Services.
  • Click on “Criminal Status of Financial Cases” to continue.
  • Click Access Service to open the corresponding page.
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