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How to Check Emirates ID Status Quickly and Easily

Table of Contents

how to check Emirates ID status

Check Emirates ID Status

In the United Arab Emirates, citizens can easily obtain essential healthcare, education, employment, and other services with a valid Emirates ID. Maintaining a current ID is essential to your life as an expat. Checking the progress of your Emirates ID application is now as simple as 1-2-3. In a few simple steps, you may check the status of your Emirates ID tracking online.

Before it expires, you can read our tutorial on how to check the status of your Emirates ID. You can live and work with confidence knowing that your UAE ID validity status satisfies the standards by using this helpful advice.

Steps to check your Emirates ID Online:

Check Emirates ID Status

Residents don’t need to phone or visit the office to find out their Emirates ID status. They can plan with confidence as they easily access all of the services in the UAE thanks to the improved convenience and transparency.

With simply your PRAN/IDN request number, you can now track the status of your Emirates ID in real-time. This means you can stop feeling hopeless or wondering about your status. The following are the steps to follow:

Visit the ICA website:

Check Emirates ID Status

Visit icp.gov.ae ID card status, to access the Federal Organisation for Identity and Citizenship’s (ICA) official website, directly. utilize only the ICA portal to access ID application state information; do not utilize any other illegitimate websites.

Find the status check section:

Check Emirates ID Status

A status check area is noted on the ICA Emirates ID webpage. Locate the field where you can enter the number of your request, then click the Check button.

Enter your PRAN/IDN number:

Check Emirates ID Status

Enter the PRAN/IDN number requested with caution. When typing, make sure to check all letters and numbers three times, or else the status won’t show up.

Click the check button:

Check Emirates ID Status

When the correct number for your request displays, click the Check button beneath the field to formally submit it. The backend database will confirm it right away.

View status Pop-up:

Check Emirates ID Status

After selecting Check, a real-time pop-up shows you the status of your Emirates ID application as of right now. It will be clear if it is accepted, denied, still pending, or in any other status.

Follow up:

Check Emirates ID Status

The application status pop-up will notify you of the necessary steps to resolve the issue or submit a new application if the existing one continues to be awaiting approval, i.e., rejected. Take time to read and heed the directions.

Check anytime anywhere:

Check Emirates ID Status

There is no need to visit a place of business or call questions because you can watch your constant application 24/7 from anywhere in the world using our online status check technique.


Check Emirates ID renewal status via the ICP portal:

Check Emirates ID Status

To track the status of your Emirates Identification petition for a new, replacement, or renewal, simply complete these steps on the ICP portal online:

Step 1: To find out the ID card status, go to the official ICP Portal.

Step 2: Enter the “Emirates ID Number” or “PRAN.”

Step 3: To view the status, click the “Arrow =>” icon.

Steps to check your Emirates ID status on your mobile:

Check Emirates ID Status

While monitoring the status of an Emirates ID application is crucial, not everyone has easy access to computers or the world of the internet. It’s incredibly handy to be able to use your phone to check the status associated with your Emirates ID. A few taps will allow you to verify your Emirates identification using the application form.

As a result, people don’t need to attend an office or use a computer to stay current on their Emirates ID requirements—they can do so from anywhere. You can use a phone to check the status of your Emirates ID by following these steps:

Launch the phone dialer:

Check Emirates ID Status

Tapping the phone symbol will bring up the dialer. Kindly call 600 522222. on the keyboard of your phone. Make sure the entire ten-digit number is shown accurately.

Make the call:

Check Emirates ID Status

Look for the purple phone receivers or the text “Call” to locate the call button. To place a call, tap the call button.

Choose your language:

Check Emirates ID Status

After giving the automated message close attention, select English, Arabic, etc. by pressing the appropriate number or choice.

Provide details to the agent:

Check Emirates ID Status

You’ll be asked for your PRAN/IDN number by the representative. Give your ID number to someone. Next, enter any further information you may have, including your name and birthdate.

Check on application:

Check Emirates ID Status

The agent will have access to your records and tell you the most recent status of your inquiry after confirming your identification.

Check your Emirates Identification Fines and make an online payment as well.

What is Emirates ID?

Check Emirates ID Status

The official document confirming identity and legal residency for all citizens, foreign nationals, and expatriates residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the Emirates ID card. It serves as the national identity certificate for both the public and commercial sectors of the nation’s services, perks, and entitlements.

Similarly, the card has the holder’s complete name, birthdate and place, nationality, and pictures, among other essential personal data. The name, as well as details concerning the person’s residency status, visa category, date of issue and expiration, sponsor, etc., are also written in Arabic and English.

In the United Arab Emirates, the ID card is essential for several daily activities and official processes, including

Identify- Confirm who you are:

Check Emirates ID Status

Your entire name, birthplace, nationality, and date of birth are all listed on your Emirates ID. All of these characteristics are used by both public and private organizations in the UAE to authenticate your distinct identity when requesting services. In the same vein, citizens can easily accomplish necessary chores like opening a checking or savings account if they have a valid Emirates authentication card. Certainty and convenience of access are offered by the digital verification of identification and status.

Residency showing you belong here:

Check Emirates ID Status

The information on your Emirates ID verifies that you can live and have employment in the United Arab Emirates. Obtaining a legal ID makes it simple to set up utilities, be accepted for rental agreements, and enter the nation.

Fingerprint biometric access:

Check Emirates ID Status

Your Emirates ID contains an innovative electronic chip that stores your fingerprints and faces pictures. These biometrics will instantly authenticate your identity whenever you use government e-services, pass through immigration at the airport, log into banking, healthcare, telecom services, or any other touchpoint using a biometric scanner. You may now quickly authenticate with your fingerprints.

Registering a vehicle- driving with legal ID:

Check Emirates ID Status

The original Emirates identification document is needed when purchasing and registering a car in the United Arab Emirates. The document lists your name, residence address, and type of car. You also get the right to live there legally and a license for you to operate or own that car.

Online, you can also check the Abu Dhabi Police for a Fine with your Emirates ID.

Service application- water, energy, healthcare:

Check Emirates ID Status

Your Emirates ID is used by many government organizations, including DEWA, SEWA, telecoms, healthcare institutions, schools, and universities, to confirm that you are eligible to live in the country. Furthermore, your ID serves as verification of your identification when you apply for phone service, internet, gas, electricity or water connections, phone service, hospital or school entrance, and more.

How to get an Emirates ID:

Check Emirates ID Status

As a requirement of the United Arab Emirates immigration system, citizens and residents of the UAE must apply for an Emirates ID after receiving a residence visa. How to get the Emirates identification card is provided here.

Applying for an entry permit:

Check Emirates ID Status

Being employed by a UAE-based company or owning a business there is a prerequisite for eligibility for an entry permit. This electronic entrance permit has a 60-day validity period, during which time candidates must apply for the Emirates Identification Card and submit to a thorough medical examination.

Medical checkup;

Check Emirates ID Status

Using the Emirates ID surveillance application requires completing a required medical examination. HIV, Hepatitis B, and tuberculosis screenings are among the infectious disease tests included in this medical evaluation.

Those who test positive may need to do additional diagnostic tests; those who have favorable results can continue with the application process. There are additional healthcare demands to take into account for people with specific medical issues.

By guaranteeing that all citizens have safe access to the healthcare and other resources they require to lead happy, full lives, the UAE hopes to enhance well-being and safeguard public health.

Emirates ID application:

Check Emirates ID Status

Biometric information, such as fingerprint and eye scans, will be gathered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for Immigration and Citizenship office staff for verification purposes. It will be essential to save this data for the next transactions.

UAE VISA stamping:

Check Emirates ID Status

The government-sponsored stamping of the applicant’s passport with the UAE visa is part of this procedure. The length of a visa often ranges from two to three years, depending on the region of the United Arab Emirates.

Emirates ID fees:

Check Emirates ID Status

Residents of the UAE are required to have an Emirates ID; the fee varies based on the validity of the ID. Let’s examine the specifics. Make sure the validity of your Emirates ID matches the validity of your visa to avoid any issues. This is the summary:

  • One year, 170 AED
  • 270 AED for two years
  • 370 AED for three years

After your visa is put into your passport, it typically takes 7 to 10 days for an Emirates identification card to arrive. Before applying, make sure all of your paperwork is legitimate and in order.

These are the procedures you can take online to renew your Emirates ID.

Emirates ID card printed is done: What to do now?

Check Emirates ID Status

The following guidelines will help you monitor the status of your Emirates identity card through Emirates Post once you receive information that it is ready for pickup. The official Emirates Identification Card tracking for the Emirates Post website should be your first stop. This is an easy and effective process that you may do from the comfort of your home or place of business.

Locate tracking section:

Check Emirates ID Status

Once you’re on the website, navigate to the monitoring area. Usually, it is conspicuously placed for convenient viewing. To start the tracking procedure, click on it.

Enter your application number or Emirates ID number:

Check Emirates ID Status

You can input your Emirates ID number or application number in a dedicated field in the tracking section.

Hit the track button:

Check Emirates ID Status

After entering the Emirates Identification Card application number, click the “Track” option. By taking this step, you start the tracking procedure and may monitor the status of your ID card.

Review the information:

Check Emirates ID Status

You will receive up-to-date details regarding the progress of your ID card as soon as you select “Track.” It can take time to load, so please be patient.

Follow the PRAN number:

Check Emirates ID Status

The PRAN (Personal Registration Process Affiliation Number) is the key to tracking the whereabouts of your Emirates ID, which is 800220220324164xxxx. On the Emirates ID monitoring Emirates Post website, enter the PRAN number to view pertinent information.

Visit your local Happiness center:

Check Emirates ID Status

Now that you have the required instructions, visit your neighborhood Happiness Centre. You may conveniently pick up an Emirates identification card here.

You can always have an electronic edition of your Emirates ID with you by following this guide when downloading it.

What is the meaning of the Emirates ID number?

Check Emirates ID Status

All citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates are given a United Arab Emirates identification card. In the national population record system, this ID number is permanently linked to that specific person. The 15-digit identification quantity cannot be altered or amended once it has been assigned for any reason.

The number is divided into four separate pieces and is generated at random. The UAE’s country code is represented by the first three digits. A four-digit sequence follows, which may or may not correspond to the cardholder’s birth year. Seven arbitrary numbers come next. The last number serves as a confirmation code.

You may check the Dubai Police Department’s Fine online with your Emirates ID.

It’s interesting to note that your ID number is permanent. The allocated ID number remains unaffected even if an individual modifies their year of birth on record. Similarly, if a resident cancels their visa and leaves the country, their number is still kept on file. A new ID card bearing the same permanent ID number will be issued to a person arriving back in the UAE.

Additionally, you can check your labor authorization number online with your Emirates ID.

A person’s internally tracked 15-the number identity code is retained forever, however, cards may eventually expire and require replacement. All in all, the system guarantees every citizen’s consistent identification across the country.

You can change the phone number you use in Emirates Identity online by following our instructions.

What happens if you lose your Emirates ID?

Check Emirates ID Status

Emirates ID cards serve as your government-issued national identification, but occasionally they might vanish or be stolen, in which case you’ll need to take prompt, decisive action to replace them.

With the replacement procedure, you can easily apply to feed a new Emirates identification card. Assisting people who unintentionally misplace their IDs is a top concern for the ICA. To file a report, request, and promptly receive a new ID card, follow the instructions below.

Reporting a lost card:

Check Emirates ID Status

Notifying the authorities that your debit or credit card has vanished is the first step. To complete a declaration form, go to the Federal Organization for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) Customer Engagement Centre that is closest to you.

Prepare yourself by having information on the last time and location you had the card. Your previous card number will be deactivated by the federal agency responsible for Identity and Belonging (ICA).

Applying for replacement:

Check Emirates ID Status

After filing the replacement application, you are issued a new ID card. All ICA Emirates ID customer service sites have forms available, and you can also obtain a reform from the ICA website. Provide your information, affix a photo from your passport, and pay the AED 300 administration charge. A receipt for the payment of the application fee and its submission will be sent to you.

Getting your new card:

Check Emirates ID Status

When an updated Emirates ID is ready, ICA will text you within two business days of your application. To pick up your replacement ID card, head back to the service center you previously visited. For verification, you will need to present identification, such as a passport. To facilitate easy linking to records and systems, the replacement item will have the same ID number. You may get a step-by-step tutorial for the DU Emirates Personal Identification Update online as well as information on How to Update your Emirate ID in Etisalat.

Why did you need to check your Emirates ID status?

Check Emirates ID Status

To begin with, both citizens and foreign nationals living in the UAE are required to have an Emirates ID. Your name, date of birth, nationality, address, and other personal information are stored on this plastic card with an electronic chip. An additional means of proving identification and ownership in the UAE is the Emirates ID.

Residents of the UAE should take note of this as their Emirates Identification Card is necessary for numerous daily activities, including:

  • establishing a bank account
  • Purchasing a cellphone plan
  • leasing a flat
  • Putting in a job application
  • Journeying throughout the United Arab Emirates
  • Election-related voting

It’s crucial to frequently verify the validity of your Emirates ID card and the accuracy of your data by checking its status. All of the aforementioned actions will be unavailable to you if the Emirates identification number expires. If your name, residence, or nationality change, you will also want to renew you’re Emirates ID.


Now that you are aware of the value of the Emirates Identification Card and how to access its status online, would you kindly check the status of your application now to make sure you are headed in the correct direction? You will have more time to take care of any problems before the Emirates Identification Card expires if it is discovered early. For expediency and peace of mind, the Emirates ID card status can be obtained by going to icp.gov.ae or by following the steps detailed in this guide.


If my Emirates login information is active, how can I find out?

Visit the website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA): You can reach the website at https://icp.gov.ae/en/. Enter the number on your passport, application (PRAN), or Emirates ID: Once on the website, navigate to the ‘Check Application Status’ section located on the right side of the screen.

Is it possible to track an Emirates ID?

In less than a minute, get fast results by visiting the official website and entering your ID or PRAN number. Enjoy straightforward access to the data you require, which demonstrates our dedication to meeting your needs. Take advantage of our convenient and fast EID status guide to begin tracking your card right away!

How can I get a copy of my Emirates ID?

The Emirates ID download can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Just use your United Arab Emirates Pass account to log into the UAEICP app.
  • Click the Emirates ID link on the main screen.
  • To view your ID, select your name.
  • For convenient access, download the PDF version to your phone.

Is it possible to get an Emirates ID online?

Although obtaining hard copies of crucial documents, like as your Emirates ID, could be time-consuming, switching to digital alternatives might speed up the process. You can now simply access your Emirates ID from the convenience of your home with the ability to download it online.

When will the Emirates ID arrive?

10 or seven days

How much time does it take to process an application for an Emirates ID? After your passport has been stamped with the visa, you should receive your Emirates ID in seven to ten days. In addition to receiving updates by text, you will be able to track your application online. You are welcome to register and view your e-version in the meantime.

How can I find out when my ID is prepared for pickup?

You can now use a mechanism provided by Home Affairs to receive an SMS status update on your application. You text your ID number to 32551 in an SMS message that starts with the first letter of your ID and ends with a space.

Which app allows me to view my Emirates ID?

Nevertheless, you can obtain a digital copy of the Emirates Identification Card for free using the UAE Pass app or the ICP app, “UAEICP,” while the new ID is being printed. For nationals and residents of the nation, the UAE Pass serves as a digital identification.

Is an Emirates ID a permanent one?

The holder of an identity card must apply to have it renewed if it has expired. You will receive a notice from the United States Department of Homeland Security for Identifying and Citizenship alerting you to the impending ID renewal. UAE nationals have one month to request for renewal once the document expires, but not before six months.

How can I use my Emirates ID to check the status of my UAE visa?

Go to https://u.ae/en/information-and-services/visa-and-emirates-id/track-visa-application-and-validity as the first step. Step 2 involves selecting ‘Track the Application’s Status’. Enter the “Request Number” in step three. Step 4: Click Search after giving your request number.

Is a phone number and an Emirates ID connected?

Your mobile number and Emirates ID must be linked. You can use several government services in the United Arab Emirates if your ID and phone are linked.

How do I find out my mobile number with my Emirates ID?

Dubai: Residents and nationals of the UAE can check for incorrect SIM (Subscriber Identities Module) cards under their name by using a digital service called “Hesabati,” which allows you to access all the mobile numbers registered under your Emirates ID.

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