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How to Check Emirates ID: A Comprehensive Tutorial

How to check Emirates ID

How to check Emirates ID

An essential document that every UAE resident has to possess is an Emirates ID card. The Emirates ID is valid for the same time as your visa and is issued when your resident visa has been stamped into your passport.

The United Arab Emirates ID card has several uses, including:

  • applying for a range of government programs, such as DEWA and others
  • Supporting dependents with a visa
  • leasing a flat
  • navigating through the immigration e-gates at UAE runways without incident.

How to check the validity of your existing Emirates ID or Visa:

How to check Emirates ID

You may easily check the status of your Emirates ID if you’re not sure of the exact expiration date or if you have been overseas and are unsure of the validity of your resident visa in the UAE. Go to smartservices.icp.gov.ae to access the site of the Federal Authority for Identity and Belonging (FAIC) website.

How to check Emirates ID application status:

How to check Emirates ID

You may check the status of your Emirates ID on the internet once you’ve applied for a card or have had one renewed.

The applicant’s application number (found on your application form) or the Emirates ID number are required to check the status.

Step to check your Emirates ID Status:

How to check Emirates ID

Go to icp.gov.ae, the website of the Federal Department of Identity and Immigration (FAIC) (this link is exclusive to the UAE). On the first page, there’s a section labeled “Check ID status” on your right.

Enter the request number or the Emirates ID number (without the hyphen) in the Check ID status area. The status of your application will be shown.

If you experience any problems attempting to verify the validity of your Emirates ID or card, you can reach customer satisfaction at the company’s headquarters directly at 600 522222.

How to get an Emirates ID:

How to check Emirates ID

The application process for a UAE visa includes the Emirates Identity Card application process. The cost of an Emirates ID usually covers the costs incurred if you are receiving assistance from a business setup consultation for your visa. The visa’s price varies according to the granting authority and the emirate. It can be in the region of 2,500 and 7,000 AED.

Steps for USE residency:

How to check Emirates ID

To become a resident of the UAE in 2024, you must:

Applying for an Entry Permit: Employees employed by a UAE-based company or business owners who have established a business in the country are eligible to apply for this permit. The 60-day entry permit is required to obtain a resident visa. The resident visa will be stamped into your passport during this time, following which you must apply for your Emirates ID and have a medical examination.

Health Examination: This required process is carried out at any preventive medical Centre and comes after your admission permission is issued. You can move on with the visa process if your medical results meet your expectations.

Emirates ID Application: The Federal Authority of the Emirates for Identity and Citizenship offers this procedure at any of its offices. Preventive Medicine Centres are surrounded by several conveniently positioned offices that facilitate the application procedure. You won’t have to go through these procedures again when renewing your Emirates ID because the Authority’s system stores the biometric data collected in this stage, which consists of fingerprinting and eye scanning.

UAE Visa Stamping: Getting your UAE visa stamped in your passport is the last step towards becoming a resident of the UAE. Although some free zones on the mainland may issue employees with a two-year visa, most visas are good for three years.

For inhabitants of the United Arab Emirates, the validity of their visa and their Emirates ID coincide. Therefore, an Emirates ID card is a necessary document for GCC nationals, newcomers to the country, or anyone wishing to apply for a visa.

Emirates ID cost:

How to check Emirates ID

The ID’s price is determined by its validity: Make sure the validity of your ID matches the validity of your visa when applying.

The process of getting your ID card after getting your passport stamped with a visa often takes 7 to 10 days.

While your ID is being processed, updates will be sent to you by SMS. When the ID is prepared, you can pick it up from one of Emirates Post’s branches—the location will be mentioned in the mail.

Emirates ID Renewal:

How to check Emirates ID

The government provides a grace period of 30 days for people to renew their identification once it has expired. If you don’t, there will be a late renewal penalty of AED 20 per day (up to 1,000 AED).

Additionally, you will receive an SMS from the government reminding you about renewing your ID.

The applicant must submit paperwork and pay the expenses to replace an abandoned or damaged ID:

AED 300 for a new ID

Additional application fees: AED 40 for eForm registrations on the ICA website, or AED 70 for applications submitted at typing centers

An additional AED 150 can be paid at ICA’s main Customer Happiness Centre for an expedited ID replacement process.

Residents who are ex-pats, nationals of the GCC, and citizens of the UAE are all subject to these levies.

Your biometric information was gathered during the initial processing of your ID card, so you won’t need to update it.

To renew a visa, you will need to submit an ID renewal application. If your visa is under a mainland firm, you must submit it to the national immigration administration (General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs) or the free zone where your visa was issued.

The ID will be generated and sent to an Emirates Post outlet once the visa has been renewed.

Emirates ID cancellation:

How to check Emirates ID

The cancellation of your Emirates ID card may occur for several reasons. These could consist of:

relocating to Dubai for work or starting a business, both of which require a new UAE resident visa

deciding to go abroad for good.

The termination of your resident visa and Emirates ID are two processes that are combined. When you deposit your passport for a cancellation of your visa, you will need to give your card to your employer or the immigration authorities.

In the same way that verifying the status of your Emirates ID is essential while it’s still valid, making sure it’s canceled correctly is also crucial to prevent any legal issues. Thus, maintaining the status of your Emirates ID card carefully is important whether you’re a new resident, a GCC national changing jobs, or you’re departing the country.

What does long the Emirates ID means:

How to check Emirates ID

Each cardholder’s 15-digit Emirates ID number is separated into four sections. Every component has unique information:

  • The first section, which represents the UAE’s international code (784), is the same for all Emirates ID cards.
  • There may be differences in the second portion, but it usually corresponds with your birth year.
  • The final section consists of seven arbitrarily generated numbers that the system assigned with no particular significance.
  • The last component, a single digit that might be between 0 and 9, acts as a verification number.
  • This Emirates ID number is uniquely allocated to you and will always be connected to you.

It represents the permanence of your identification in the United Arab Emirates and cannot be altered. The same Emirates ID number will be provided to you again if you return and recover residency in the future, even if your status as a resident of the UAE terminates and you depart the nation.

Keeping track of this number is essential since you’ll need it to verify the status of your Emirates ID, apply for several government services, and communicate with the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

Recall that your Emirates ID number, which is intended to streamline your interactions with government procedures, is a crucial component of your identity and citizenship in the United Arab Emirates.

What happens If I lose my Emirates ID?

How to check Emirates ID

Although losing the contents of your Emirates identification card can be worrisome, you can efficiently handle the matter by taking the following steps:

Report the loss of your Emirates ID card by going to the closest police station. This service will set you back 70 AED.

Within seven days of the missing card’s absence, report the loss to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC).

Pay the 300 AED cost at any FAIC office to order a replacement Emirates ID card. If you apply in person, there is an additional 70 AED application cost; if you apply online, there is a 40 AED application charge. The total cost will be 340 AED or 370 AED, depending on the option selected.

Pick up your new card at the Emirates post office that is closest to you.

Key Points:

Processing an Emirates ID is a simple and uncomplicated process. It’s processed concurrently with your visa.

If you have an employment visa, your employer will often apply on your behalf.

If you operate your own company or have a freelancing visa, you can apply on your own or get assistance with the paperwork from a business setup consulting firm like Emirabiz.

On the FAIC website, you may always monitor the processing of IDs.


In conclusion, checking your Emirates ID status is a straightforward process that ensures you stay informed and updated on the progress of your application. By leveraging the official portal or designated mobile applications, you can conveniently track the status of your Emirates ID, whether it’s under processing, approved, or ready for collection. This knowledge not only provides peace of mind but also allows you to plan accordingly. Remember to follow the outlined steps in our guide to effortlessly check your Emirates ID status and navigate the application process with confidence. Stay connected, stay informed, and experience a smooth journey towards obtaining your Emirates ID.


How do I go online and check my Emirates ID number?

Go to icp.gov.ae, the website of the Federal Administration of Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) (this link is exclusive to the UAE). On the first page, there’s a section labeled “Check ID status” on your right. Enter your application registration or the Emirates ID number (without the hyphen) in the Check ID status area.

How can I obtain my Emirates ID digitally?

To obtain an electronic copy of your Emirates ID card through the ICP mobile application, simply complete the following steps:

Using your UAE Pass login, access the UAEICP app.

Choose the Emirates ID option.

To view your ID, select your name.

Utilize your device to download your ID card.

How can I find out my Pran number on my Emirates ID?

The ICA is here to assist you if you require more assistance or have inquiries regarding your PRAN number or the status of your Emirates ID. Their phone number is 600-522-222. Additionally, the ICA website features a clever chatbot named “Ask Hamad.”

How can I use my Emirates ID to check the status of my UAE visa?

Go to https://u.ae/en/information-and-services/visa-and-emirates-id/track-visa-application-and-validity as the first step. Step 2 involves selecting ‘Track Your Application Status’. Enter the “Request Number” in step three. Step 4: Click Search after entering your request number.

How can my ID number be verified?

All of your national identification documents, including your ID card, passport, residency permit, and so on, are printed with your identity number. Usually, it appears next to your name, below your birthdate, or both.

Describe the 15-digit Emirates ID.

Your 15-digit Emirates ID number is unique to you and is not shared by any other UAE citizen. Nonetheless, since your birthdate, month, and year may coincide with those of another person, there is a 4-digit portion that you can compare with others.

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