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How to check Kuwait traffic fine payment 

How to check Kuwait traffic fine payment 

Kuwait traffic fine payment

Kuwait is known for enforcing strict rules regarding the payment of fines. As a resident or visitor, you must understand your responsibilities. This will ensure that you have a record and avoid serious legal consequences.

In fact, in Kuwait, as in many other countries in the world, there are many traffic violations. Moreover, with the help of her MOI online service in Kuwait, individuals can check their traffic violation status using their ID card. This has brought many benefits in terms of time savings, transparency, and security.

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) has launched a website where Kuwaiti citizens can check the status of traffic violations anytime and anywhere. Users can inquire about violations registered in their name by simply entering their ID card, without having to go to the traffic authorities in person. This article describes the process of verifying traffic violations in Kuwait through civil ID, online payments, and a violation points system.

Kuwait fine latest news:

Kuwait traffic fine payment

Kuwait’s Finance Minister Fahd Al Jalala announced plans to introduce fees on access to public works and services to increase government revenue. Government revenue enhancement programs include pricing mechanisms for public services, fees, and violations and are updated regularly. A framework will be created to review and reassess national ownership rights, ensuring equity and taking into account productivity rates.

Foreigners, who make up approximately 3.4 million of Kuwait’s 4.6 million residents, are at the center of Kuwaitization, an employment policy that addresses population imbalances by prioritizing the employment of nationals over foreign workers. ing.

The Kuwaiti government also unveiled measures to protect state funds and recover delinquent revenues. Starting September 1, all expatriates must settle their electricity and water bills prior to departing the country. The Ministry of Interior also requires foreign nationals to clear any outstanding traffic fines before leaving the country.

These efforts were successful, with approximately KD 4 million raised from expatriates and Gulf nationals. Specifically, 1.1 million KD was collected in traffic fines for two months, and 2.9 million KD was collected in electricity and water charges from September 1st to 23rd.

The introduction of these new fees and the government’s commitment to Improved revenue sources demonstrate Kuwait’s proactive approach to financial management and the equitable provision of public services.

How can I check my fines in Kuwait?

Kuwait traffic fine payment

Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior has mandated that foreign workers must settle their outstanding traffic fines before departing the country. To streamline this process, the government has introduced a convenient system for imposing fines.

Foreign residents can make these payments through online channels or by visiting transport branches nationwide. In addition, payment options are also available at offices at various border crossings including land, sea, and air, such as Kuwait Airport.

Who can use the Kuwait Traffic Violation:

Kuwait traffic fine payment

service? In general, the Kuwait Ministry of Interior facilitates the verification of traffic fines using civil ID cards. However, the question is, who will benefit most from these services? Therefore, these two groups specifically hope to benefit from:

companies: In Kuwait, companies can now easily check drivers’ traffic violations and make payments online without queuing.

Individuals: People who have committed traffic violations can now pay their fines anytime and anywhere, reducing stress and allowing them to focus on their work.

Steps to check traffic violations in MOI using civil ID:

Kuwait traffic fine payment

The Kuwait Ministry of Interior (MOI) provides an online service to check traffic violations using civil ID. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the MOI Kuwait website.

Kuwait traffic fine payment

Click this link to go to the Kuwait Ministry of Interior website to check traffic violations related to civil ID cards: moi.gov.kw

Step 2: Choose an option:

Kuwait traffic fine payment

On the website, select the “Personal” or “Corporate” option, depending on whether you want to check for ID card violations or company car violations.

Step 3: Enter your civil ID:

Kuwait traffic fine payment

Carefully enter your ID card number in the ID Card text box. Please ensure that the information you have provided is accurate.

Step 4: Submit your inquiry:

Kuwait traffic fine payment

After entering your ID correctly, click the “Inquiry” button to check if there is a traffic violation.

Step 5: View and pay:

Kuwait traffic fine payment

All fines and violations related to your ID card will be displayed in a new window and can be paid. You can view complete details for each violation, including fine type, location, date, and fine amount.

Note: After making a payment, please do not make another payment. It may take up to 15 minutes for the data to update. Please wait a few minutes.

Kuwait Traffic fine payments in person:

Kuwait traffic fine payment

If you would like to choose an offline payment method to pay your traffic fine, please follow these steps:

  • Go to the Transport Department and pay your traffic fine (offline method)
  • Go to the Kuwait Transport Department office.
  • Go to the traffic violation fine payment section at the traffic office.
  • Start paying your traffic fine by presenting the required information and your ID card or passport at the counter.
  • Front desk staff accesses traffic ticket information by searching the information provided.
  • If a fine is recorded on your ID, the police officer will notify you.
  • Complete your traffic fine payment using one of our convenient payment methods.
  • The clerk issues a payment receipt.

That’s easy. Offline payment methods for paying traffic fines are suitable for non-technical senior citizens. Offline methods are also useful for private inquiries regarding other transportation-related concerns.


In other words, it has become clear that Kuwait’s traffic violation system operates on a points system. That’s why we simplified checks and removed hefty fines from ID cards. Also worth noting is the Ministry of Interior’s efforts to use ID cards to check traffic violations in Kuwait.

So, before checking your traffic fine, make sure you always carry your ID card with you. Nothing works without an ID card. Once you learn of a violation, pay any outstanding fines as soon as possible to avoid costly fines. This allows you to enjoy Kuwait’s stunning views with peace of mind.


How can I check traffic fines in Kuwait?

Traffic fines in Kuwait can be checked on the MOI website. Please note that all you need is your ID card number. Visit the MOI website, select the option, enter your ID, and the violation will appear.

Can I see details of each traffic violation on the MOI website?

Yes, you can view complete details for each traffic fine, including violation type, location, date, and fine amount. This allows you to pay any outstanding fines.

What happens if he has 5 traffic violations in Kuwait?

His 5th violation with 6 points will result in his license being permanently revoked in Kuwait. Therefore, to obtain a new driving license, you will need to retake the driving license exam.

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