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How to check your Qatar ID:[with video]

To check your MOI Qatar ID status online is very essential for qatari peoples and for neighbor countries.

You can check your Qatar ID status online on the official Ministry of Interior’s website through QID number or PASSPORT number.

How to Check Qatar ID

What is a Qatar ID?

A Qatar ID, also known as the Qatar Identification Card or Qatari Resident ID, is a vital document issued to residents and expatriates in the State of Qatar. It serves as an official proof of identity and residency status in the country. This identification system is an integral part of Qatar’s administrative framework, providing essential information about individuals living within its borders.

The Qatar ID card is a small, plastic, biometric document that includes crucial personal information such as the holder’s name, photograph, date of birth, nationality, and a unique identification number. This card is more than just a piece of plastic; it’s a gateway to numerous benefits and responsibilities for residents in Qatar.

One of the primary purposes of the Qatar ID is to regulate and monitor residency within the country. It plays a crucial role in ensuring that individuals residing in Qatar are doing so legally and under the country’s immigration laws.

It is also a key tool for maintaining security and stability within the nation. Moreover, the Qatar ID card is essential for accessing various government services, including healthcare, education, and financial transactions. It is often required when opening bank accounts, applying for driving licenses or enrolling in schools. Additionally, it is necessary to obtain a Qatar Health Card, which provides access to subsidized healthcare services.

The Qatar ID card is not only beneficial for residents but also contributes to the overall development and organization of the country. It helps authorities plan for infrastructure, healthcare, and educational facilities by providing accurate data on the population’s demographics.

What is a Qatar I’d Number?

The Qatar ID number, also known as the Qatari Resident ID number or simply the Qatar ID number, is a unique identification number assigned to each resident and expatriate in the State of Qatar. It serves as a crucial piece of information on the Qatar Identification Card (QID) and is used for various official and administrative purposes.

The Qatar ID number is an 11-digit numerical code that is specific to the individual holder. It contains information about the person’s nationality, gender, and birthdate, making it a unique identifier for each resident in Qatar. The format of the Qatar ID number typically includes the following elements:

1- The first digit represents the individual’s gender, with odd numbers typically denoting males and even numbers denoting females.

2-The next two digits represent the individual’s birth year.

3- The following two digits represent the individual’s birth month.

4-The last six digits are a unique identification number specific to the individual. It’s important to note that the Qatar ID number is not randomly generated but follows a systematic format that allows authorities to quickly identify key information about the cardholder.

This number is used for various administrative and official purposes, such as opening bank accounts, enrolling in schools, obtaining healthcare services, and conducting other transactions that require official identification.

Residents in Qatar are required to carry their Qatar ID cards at all times as it is a mandatory form of identification in the country. The Qatar ID number, along with other information on the card, helps ensure that residents are identified accurately and can access the services they need within Qatar.

How to check my Qatar ID online?

To check your Qatar ID (Residence Permit) status online, you can follow these steps:

1. Visit the official Ministry of Interior (MOI) Qatar website. You can also access it by typing “MOI Qatar” into your preferred search engine Google, Bing, or by directly visiting the website.

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Below are the screenshots of Qatar’s official site

2- Once on the MOI Qatar website, look for the section related to Qatar ID or “E-Services.” This might be labeled differently depending on the website’s layout.

3. Click on MOI services => inquiries=> other services you will see the official documents option as you can see in the below screenshot.

How to check Qatar ID by QID number?

4. You’ll be prompted to enter your Qatar ID number or other required information. Fill in the necessary details accurately as you can see in the below screenshots and then press the search button 🔘.

How to check Qatar ID by passport Number?

you can also check Qatar ID by passport Number:

1 go to the website MOI Qatar ID Check Portal

2- In the empty section enter your passport number

3- You will see a dropdown menu choose your nationality press enter and search button.


5. After entering the required information, enter the verification code as mentioned above 771 or you can hear from audio. Click the “Submit” or “Checkbutton.

Note: You will see different verification codes every time in digits or in audio whenever you try.

6. The system will then process your request and display the status of your Qatar ID (Residence Permit) on the screen. It should indicate whether it’s active, expired, or any other relevant information.

You can also directly check Qatar I’d status.

Please note that the exact step of the article How to Check Your Qatar ID and the layout of the MOI Qatar website may change over time, so it’s essential to navigate the official website directly to access the most up-to-date information and services related to your Qatar ID.

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