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How to check Kuwait civil ID with passport number

How to check Kuwait civil ID with passport number

How to check Kuwait civil ID with passport number

The civil ID issued by the Kuwait Civil Information Authority (PACI) is an important identification and proof of residence for all nationals and foreigners living in Kuwait. In addition, this required identification document contains important personal information such as name, nationality, gender, date of birth, ID number, and card expiration date. Therefore, an accurate and up-to-date civil ID is essential for accessing employment, healthcare, and other government services in Kuwait.

You can check the status and validity of your Kuwait citizen ID online by contacting the Kuwait government website and voice query service through PACI’s official website. So whether you’re a new resident or renewing an expired card, you can easily use these methods to check if your card is valid and up to date. This article details step-by-step how to check the status of your ID card using various practical methods and its useful features.

Steps to check the Kuwait Civil ID by using the PACI Website:

How to check Kuwait civil ID with passport number

You can check the validity status of your Kuwait ID card online by visiting the official website of the Authority for Civilian Information (PACI). PACI is the government agency responsible for Kuwait’s national population registration and issuance of ID cards.

Open the PACI Website:

How to check Kuwait civil ID with passport number

For civil ID status, please visit the official website www.paci.gov.kw.

Navigate the Civil ID Card service page:

How to check Kuwait civil ID with passport number

Open the PACI website and go to the Civil Card Services page. On the left side of the page, look for an icon with pictures of three people and the text “Card Status.”

Enter your Civil ID Number:

How to check Kuwait civil ID with passport number

Enter the ID card number in the search field titled “ID Card or Envelope Number.” Please enter the full ID number exactly as it appears on your card. Once completed, click the Submit button next to the field.

View Your CIVIL ID status:

How to check Kuwait civil ID with passport number

Click Submit and Kuwait ID Card results will immediately appear below the search box. Important details are listed there. B. Is the card valid, active, expired, in process, or reported lost?

Steps to check the Kuwait Civil ID status on the Government of Kuwait website:

How to check Kuwait civil ID with passport number

The Kuwaiti government provides an online service to verify ID card requests through the official public service portal. Kuwait residents can easily check the validity of their ID cards. You can check the status of your Kuwait ID card on the Kuwait government’s website by following the steps below.

Visit the Kuwait Government website:

How to check Kuwait civil ID with passport number

Visit the Kuwaiti government’s official civilian ID portal. Here you can access the online status check for your ID card.

Enter your Kuwait civil ID Number:

How to check Kuwait civil ID with passport number

The status page has a search field for your ID card number. Carefully enter the complete “ID Number” exactly as it appears on the physical card. Please double-check that your ID number is entered correctly.

View your civil ID Status:

How to check Kuwait civil ID with passport number

After entering your ID number, click the “Inquiry” button. The ID card status results are displayed. For example: Ready, Expired, Processing, etc. Finally, carefully check the status and details to understand the validity and status of your ID card.

Check Civil ID Using Voice Query:

How to check Kuwait civil ID with passport number

The Kuwait Civil Information Authority (PACI) provides a voice call service that allows you to check the status of your ID card online as well as by phone. Follow these steps to update the status using the PACI voice query service.

Step 1: Call the PACI Hotline

. Please call the PACI hotline at 1889988. Remember, this is a direct line for civilian ID requests and services through the Civil Information Public Authority.

Step 2: Select English.

When the call connects, you are prompted to select a language. Press 2 on your phone keypad to continue in English.

Step 3: Select a Citizen ID Service

Next, you will be presented with options for various government services. Press 1 to enter the Civil ID Services menu.

Step 4: Inquire about your Civil ID

Press 1 again from the Civil ID menu to check the status of your Civil ID application or renewal. Alternatively, you can request a specific ID by pressing 2 and entering your ID number.

Step 5: Listen to the status

Select the option and enter the ID card number, and an automated voice recording will display the status of her ID card. Carefully check if the card is ready, still being processed, expired, or has any other status.

Key features of the Kuwait Civil ID card:

How to check Kuwait civil ID with passport number

The Kuwait Civil ID is the main identity and residence document for nationals and foreigners living in Kuwait. ID cards have several features and functions.

  • Contains personal information such as name, nationality, gender, date of birth, ID card number, and expiration date.
  • Serves as a primary source for access to employment, government services, healthcare, travel, and daily activities.
  • Contains advanced security features to prevent counterfeiting and fraud. The
  • ID card is equipped with smart card technology for electronic services and transactions that require identity verification.
  • Compliant with Gulf Cooperation Council standards for travel within GCC countries. Civil Card
  • features contactless technology to quickly and securely verify your identity at border crossings.
  • Streamline administrative processes and support Kuwait’s e-government services through digital identity.
  • Also, read our guide on the Kuwait civil ID renewal process.

Civil ID Renewal for Kuwaiti Individuals:

How to check Kuwait civil ID with passport number

Renewal of ID cards for Kuwaiti citizens 4,444 people in Kuwait whose ID cards have expired can renew their ID cards through this service. Applicants under the age of 18 can renew their citizenship card online, by phone, or with the help of a parent. Adult applicants (18 years and older) can renew their cards in person, over the phone, online, or through their parents.

Eligibility or Requirements:

How to check Kuwait civil ID with passport number

 The ID card can be renewed by phone or online by anyone who is 18 years of age or older and has Kuwaiti citizenship. If a scanned photo is required, candidates must submit a personal photo.

Card renewals can be done online or by phone for applicants under 18 years of age. In this case, applicants over the age of 10 will need a personal photo.

Required documents:

How to check Kuwait civil ID with passport number
  • Nationality certificate and its copy.
  • You must submit a copy of the first and last page of your citizenship certificate as well as the original.
  • 4 x 6 cm Your current colorful photo
  • Take a photo without glasses.
  • In the center of the photo, there must be a face between 2:2 and 2:5 cm long.
  • Photography in military uniform is prohibited.
  • We recommend capturing images for purposes other than facial profiles.
  • The background color of the photo must be clear and distinct.
  • Original ID.
  • envelopes.
  • If the applicant is unable to appear in person, the Ministry of Justice must issue a power of attorney.

Benefit from the Partnership:

PACI Kuwait has built the necessary infrastructure to provide ID cards/eIDs to all Kuwaitis in just a few years. Public and commercial service providers across the country have been able to benefit from this platform by developing a variety of innovative and practical apps and services. “We are proud to be part of this project,” Thales stated.

Kuwait’s best practices demonstrate the benefits of adopting a national eID card, especially as the basis for building smart cities and digital government platforms. The Kuwaiti government also demonstrated how a reliable national ID card can increase trust in e-government.

million Kuwaitis benefit from technology and digital government. Kuwaitis are now experiencing an unprecedented level of ease and comfort in handling and using public facilities and services.

How do I apply for a new ID card?

How to check Kuwait civil ID with passport number
  • Visit the Ministry of Information website.
  • You can select the eServices tab.
  • Select “Apply for an ID Card” from the “Citizen Services” section.
  • Click on the “Please fill out and submit the online application form” button.
  • Pay the fee.
  • Please wait until your ID card is mailed to you. Once your
  • ID card arrives, please go to the Civil ID office and present your card and Kuwaiti passport to activate it.
  • Fingerprints and photographs will be taken in the office.
  • ID cards must be renewed every 10 years. The steps are the same as for the first application, except that you do not have to pay the application fee again.


In the end, the debate over Kuwait’s civil ID status using different methods ultimately comes down to your preferences. First, consider using the PACI website, where you can easily check your status online. Alternatively, you can use the Kuwaiti government’s website if that is easier for you to access. Additionally, voice calling services are a practical fallback option in case you experience technical problems with your website.

You can also read this guide to check traffic fine charges in Kuwait.

In the end, choose the method that seems easiest and most efficient for you. Your ID card allows you access to important government services, so verifying its status should be a priority. Don’t wait until it expires. If you’re having trouble finding your status, check our FAQ section or leave a comment below. We will be happy to help you resolve any issues you may have with checking the status of your ID card.


How can I check my ID card details in Kuwait?

  • The first step is to obtain the Ministry of Interior ID card as shown below. To visit a website.
  • You must enter your ID card number in the following field.
  • Click the Query button to update the status.
  • Click the Inquiry button and the ID card information will be displayed on the screen.

How can I get an ID card serial number online in Kuwait?

Kuwait Civilian ID Serial Number verification can be done through the link www.moi.gov.kw. Clicking this link will take you directly to the Home Office home page where you can retrieve your serial number.

What is the Kuwaiti Identity Card Number?

  • Kuwaiti Citizen ID Customer Care Number Details If you have any questions or concerns about the
  • ID card, please contact the Directorate General of Identity Cards and Passports at +965 1804080.
  • What is the reference number on the Kuwait National ID Card? The reference number on the
  • ID document is the same as the ID number. The ID card is at the end of the document.

How do I verify my identity online?

To verify online, visit http://www.identity.go.ke/search.html via your Internet connection. The prerequisite is to provide the first 9 digits of the serial number of the applicant’s ID card.

Who can check their civil ID status through the PACI website?

Online ID card status services are available to all nationals, expatriates, and residents of Kuwait. In Kuwait, both foreigners and locals can check their status using their ID card numbers.

What information do I need to provide to check the status of my ID card?

You can check your civil ID status by simply entering your civil ID number on the PACI website. No further information is required for the initial status check.

Can I check the status of my ID card 24/7 on the PACI website?

Yes, the PACI website is generally available 24/7 so I can check the status of my important ID card if needed. You can check.

If I lose my ID card, how do I check its status?

Even if you lose your physical ID card, you can still check its status by entering your ID card number on the PACI website. This will show you details such as whether the card is still valid or has been reported lost.

Is there a mobile app to check the status of my ID card?

Unfortunately, PACI does not provide a mobile app to check the status of my ID card. However, you can easily access the PACI website from your smartphone browser to check your status on the go.

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