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Kuwait Civil ID Renewal: A Comprehensive Tutorial

How to check Kuwait Civil ID Renewal

Kuwait Civil ID Renewal

Do you now reside in Kuwait or do you intend to migrate there? The Kuwait Civil ID is a required identity card for all Kuwaiti citizens, thus you should be aware of it. The Civil ID is evidence of national identification and residency. It is necessary for several activities, including obtaining a driver’s license, creating a bank account, and using healthcare services.

The Public Authority For Civil Information (PACI) portal was launched by the Kuwaiti government to expedite the application process and give applicants more convenience. People can easily check their Kuwait Civil ID Status web with our user-friendly web platform. For every individual in Kuwait, obtaining and keeping a valid Civil ID is essential. Everything you need to know about Kuwait’s Civil ID Tracking and Status will be covered in this post. Whether you have lived in Kuwait for a long time or just recently,

What is Kuwait Civil ID?

Kuwait Civil ID Renewal

Every inhabitant of Kuwait is given a personal identity card called a Kuwait Civil ID. It includes details like

Name, birthdate, nationality, and status as a resident of the person.

In addition to being used for identity, the Civil ID is required to access several government services, including banking, healthcare, and education.

How to check Kuwait civil ID online?

Kuwait Civil ID Renewal

You can utilize the Public Authority for Civil Information’s official web page to verify the legitimacy of your civil ID (PACI). You can verify the issue date and status of your Civil ID on this page.

PACI Civil ID inquiry mobile device instruction:

Kuwait Civil ID Renewal

Visit the official Kuwaiti government PACI civil ID status portal with a mobile device to find out the status of your Kuwaiti ID. On the PACI site, type in your civil ID number and select “Submit.”Enter your distinct civil ID number precisely, making sure there are no mistakes. To start the status check procedure after entering the number, click the “Query” button.

Desktop Instruction:

Kuwait Civil ID Renewal

Click this link to access the official Kuwaiti government PACI civil ID status portal and verify your Kuwaiti ID status on a PC.

Click “Submit” after entering your Kuwaiti civil ID number: Find the designated field on the PACI portal webpage where you can enter your Kuwaiti national ID number.

Enter your civil ID number carefully, making sure to proofread your entry for errors. To finish the status check after entering the number, click the “Query” button.

Civil ID status Inquiry via voice mail:

Kuwait Civil ID Renewal

Through the handy voicemail feature, Kuwaiti citizens, residents, and expats can find out their civil ID status.

  • Give the customer support line a ring at 188988.
  • Choose your favorite language by following the prompts.
  • To use the query service, “Press 1.”
  • Using the keypad, enter your ID number.
  • Await the system processing your request and delivering the outcome.

Use this easy way to stay updated on the status of your civic card application or renewal.

How to obtain your Kuwait civil ID?

Kuwait Civil ID Renewal

You must be a legitimate resident of Kuwait to obtain a Kuwait Civil ID. This implies that you need to be registered with the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) and possess a valid resident visa.

After fulfilling these prerequisites, you can visit the PACI office to apply for your Civil ID. Bring a passport-sized photo, your resident visa, and your passport. Your fingerprints will be taken at the PACI Kuwait office, and you will be issued a temporary civil ID while your permanent one is being prepared for pickup.

Renewing process of your civil ID:

Kuwait Civil ID Renewal

This is the complete Kuwaiti Civil ID renewal procedure, including the deadline, needed documents, and renewal costs.

Period and extensions for ID card renewal:

Kuwait Civil ID Renewal

A Kuwaiti civil ID card has a three-year validity duration from the date of issuance. The length of your Iqama will decide this. As a result, you ought to confirm that your Iqama is legitimate. Noting the expiration date and start the renewal process on time are crucial.

To allow for processing time, it is advised to submit the renewal application at least one month before the card’s expiration date. In certain situations, you might be able to prolong your ID card’s validity past the initial three years if needed.

Specific extension rules, however, could differ, therefore it’s a good idea to inquire with the appropriate authorities for more details.

Required documents based on the ministry:

Kuwait Civil ID Renewal

Depending on which ministry or department you are dealing with, different documents may be needed when applying for a Kuwaiti civil ID card renewal.

  • The following common documents can be needed:
  • ID cards and passports are issued by the residence department.
  • Department of Establishments: Details of the work contract and sponsorship.
  • Civil Status Division: Card of civil status.
  • Ministry of Interior: The card proving the applicant’s Kuwaiti nationality.

You must compile the required paperwork following the particular guidelines provided by the department or ministry you are applying to. You may expedite the renewal process and prevent delays and difficulties by making sure you have the necessary papers.

Renewal fees and payment methods:

Kuwait Civil ID Renewal

A Kuwaiti civil ID card renewal normally costs KD 2.5. This charge may be paid at the ministry or department specified for renewal in cash or by cheque. The payment of the renewal fee could also be accepted at certain National Bank branches. You have to pay the necessary cost and complete a renewal application form when you get to the PACI office. It takes about ten to fifteen minutes to renew your Civil ID card, and you’ll get a new one right away.  It is crucial to remember that you risk fines or legal repercussions if you do not renew your Civil ID card within 30 days of its expiration. To prevent any problems, remember when your card expires and be sure to renew it on time.

Kuwait Civil ID rules and regulations:

Kuwait Civil ID Renewal

The following guidelines are provided with your Civil ID card and must be adhered to:

Age Requirement and Application Process for Citizens: Upon reaching the age of 15, Kuwaiti citizens must apply for a civil identification card. Nevertheless, they have ten years from the date of their birth to finish the application process. Applications for the Civil Registry must be filed either through PACI’s Online Appointment System or at the General Directorate of Residency Affairs.

Furthermore, it could be essential to provide other supporting documentation, such as evidence of Kuwaiti citizenship or other documents required by the ministry or agency.

Updating And Possibly Removing The ID Number: Until it is misplaced by theft or illegal conduct, Kuwaiti citizens are entitled to preserve their civil ID number for the duration of their lives. It acts as the person’s permanent point of identification. If an ID is lost or stolen, a replacement one can be obtained for KD 10.

People can abide by the laws and guarantee the accurate and current management of their civil ID information by being aware of the historical background of the Kuwaiti civil ID number, the age requirement and application process for citizens, and the guidelines for ID maintenance and potential changes.

Additional resources:

Checking Kuwait Civil ID Travel ban:

Kuwait Civil ID Renewal

It’s crucial to find out if your Kuwaiti civil ID is subject to any travel prohibitions or restrictions if you intend to visit Kuwait. Travel restrictions can be put in place for several reasons, including unpaid bills or legal troubles. Consult the appropriate authorities or go to official government websites that offer information on civil ID travel bans to confirm the status of your travel ban.

Kuwait traffic fine check:

Kuwait Civil ID Renewal

It is advisable to frequently check for any outstanding traffic penalties related to your civil ID to ensure compliance with Kuwaiti traffic legislation. Through the Kuwait Traffic Fine Check service, you can find out what fines have been imposed on your civil ID number. You may maintain a spotless driving record by reviewing and paying any outstanding penalties using the official online portal.


Why it is important?

For practically all transactions and interactions with the government, the Kuwait Civil ID is a necessary document for all Kuwaiti citizens. If a person has a valid civil identification card, they can access services including healthcare and education.

In addition, obtaining a driver’s license, opening bank accounts, and even casting a ballot in elections all require a Civil ID. As a result, it is the responsibility of every Kuwaiti citizen to keep their civil identification card current and valid.

Can I apply online for a Civil ID from Kuwait?

A Kuwaiti civil ID cannot be obtained online. But, if you have the necessary paperwork, you can begin the procedure by going in person to the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) offices.

What occurs if my civil ID from Kuwait is lost?

You must apply for a replacement and notify the authorities if your Kuwaiti civil ID is lost. Failing to do so may lead to fines and legal problems.

What is the duration required to obtain a Kuwaiti Civil ID renewal?

Normally, the Kuwaiti civil ID renewal process takes ten working days. But this can change based on how busy the Civil Information Department is. It is advised that you verify your renewal status online.

Is there a cost to update my Kuwaiti Civil ID’s personal information?

Updating your Kuwaiti ID’s personal information is free of charge. There will be a cost and a processing time associated with renewing your ID, though.

Can I use my Civil ID from Kuwait to travel?

It is not possible to use the Kuwaiti Civil ID as a travel document. In Kuwait, it serves only as a means of identification. Having a passport is necessary while traveling abroad.


Understanding your Kuwaiti civil ID status is crucial for obtaining identification and granting you access to a range of services in Kuwait. To prevent any problems or delays in your daily life, you must get and renew your civil ID regularly. It’s important to know your Civil ID status so you may stay informed about any outstanding fines and the validity of your document. Furthermore, it’s essential to keep your Civil ID’s personal information updated to guarantee that it contains accurate and current information. To avoid any issues in your life in Kuwait, make sure you complete the required actions to get, renew, and update your Civil ID.

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