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How to find reference number in Kuwait Civil ID 2024

How to find reference number in Kuwait Civil ID 2024

Find Kuwait Citizen ID Reference Number:

The Kuwait Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor issues and renews national identity cards (IDs). Resident numbers will also be issued to foreigners living in Japan. The ID document reference number is the same as the ID number.

Citizen ID is at the end of the document. This article explains where to find the ID card reference number required for many services and transactions. Al-Hajmiyya, Bitakiya (Arabic: بطائقة الدين ) is a civil identity card issued by PACI, the Civil Informatics Agency. The ID card consists of four parts: ID number, sponsor name, visa type, and expiry date. Residents receiving a residence permit are required to obtain a Kuwaiti citizen ID card within 30 days of receiving the permit.

How do I find out my residence number?

How to find reference number in Kuwait Civil ID 2024

The reference number consists of 9 digits and can be found on the back of your citizen card between the ‘serial number’ and ‘address’. You can also check your entry visa reference number and passport name uniform number.

Kuwait is one of the states in the United Arab Emirates that has a so-called civilian ID card as an identity document. The residence number allows you to use all e-government services on the Ministry of Interior portal, including the services of the Directorate General of Transport and Directorate General of Residency Affairs.

Civil Identification Number Kuwait:

How to find reference number in Kuwait Civil ID 2024

All residents must have a Civil Identification Number. There is no difference in the serial number no matter which sponsor the owner chooses or even if the owner returns to Kuwait after an extended absence. Therefore, a Kuwaiti civil ID is required. The civil ID number is combined with the owner’s date of birth.

Many governments issue National Identification Numbers and Social Security Numbers to track their citizens’ employment, taxes, and government benefits.

Each country was assigned a unique number for various reasons, and these numbers are now official national identification numbers.

A driver’s license is almost always required to open a bank account, apply for a credit card, and drive a car. Despite the risk of ID discrepancies, countries that do not have a uniform national identification number are required to create one.

How do I update my Kuwaiti ID card number?

How to find reference number in Kuwait Civil ID 2024

The Kuwaiti National Identification Number must be updated at the following intervals:

  • The validity period of your ID card expires after a certain period.
  • Sponsor change.
  • Lives elsewhere.

If you are applying for an ID card for the first time, you will need the following documents:

How to find reference number in Kuwait Civil ID 2024
  • A copy of the page of your passport that shows your personal information and resident seal.
  • Anyone over the age of 16 must obtain a security clearance or provide fingerprints.
  • Birth certificates of Kuwaiti nationals must be authentic.
  • Blood type certificate.
  • Address Verification
  • Joint Statement from Sponsor

Kuwaiti Identity Documents for Newborn Infants:

How to find reference number in Kuwait Civil ID 2024
  • Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Sponsor’s Passport
  • Child’s Passport
  • Visa holders wishing to renew or change their civil ID. , the following documents:
  • Photocopied passport
  • Sponsorship statement
  • Current ID
  • Justification for change of address

Kuwait reference number:

How to find reference number in Kuwait Civil ID 2024

This section explains how to find your Kuwait reference number. Kuwait reference numbers are very easy to find. This process will guide you through the steps and steps needed to find your reference number.

To find the reference number, you need three things:

  • Civilian identification number.
  • Multiple paths.
  • Passport expiration date.
  • The following three steps will help you find your reference number. Be sure to familiarize yourself with it.

Search for Kuwait reference number:

This simple guide will help you find your Kuwait reference number. To find your Kuwait reference number, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click here to find your Civil ID reference number.

Step 2: Change language from Arabic to English and get help from this image.

How to find reference number in Kuwait Civil ID 2024

Step 3: Click on the arrow symbol at the bottom of the page as per the image below. Clicking this option will take you to a new page.

How to find reference number in Kuwait Civil ID 2024

Step 4: A new field opens and requires you to enter data.

How to find reference number in Kuwait Civil ID 2024

1. Citizen ID Number

2. Click on “Other Nationalities”.

Step 5: A new page will open where you need to enter your details.

How to find reference number in Kuwait Civil ID 2024
  • Citizen ID Number
  • Passport Number
  • Passport Expiry Date
  • See the image below for more information.

Once you have entered all of this information, click Get.

Step 6: Click on the “Retrieve” option and you will see your ID card reference number.


In conclusion, locating the reference number on your Kuwait civil ID in 2024 is a crucial step for tracking various transactions and service requests. By following the appropriate procedures outlined by the relevant authorities, individuals can easily find and utilize their reference numbers for inquiries and follow-ups, ensuring a smoother process for accessing essential services.


What is the reference number for the Kuwait National Identity Card?

To determine the reference number, you will need your Citizen Identification Number (CIN), passport number, and passport expiry date.

How do I find the reference number on my ID card?

The reference number consists of 9 digits and is located on the back of your citizen card between the serial number and the address.

Where can I find my residence number for my Kuwait National ID?

What is a Kuwait residence card? It is a long code number of 8 to 10 digits printed on the paper document you receive from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor after receiving your residence permit.

How do I get a reference number in Kuwait?

How to find the reference number Kuwait Citizen ID 2023

The reference number consists of 9 numbers and is located on the back of the citizen card, especially the “serial number” and “address”. It’s in between.

How can I check the details of my Citizen ID card?

Check the status of my ID card through PACI Helpline – 188988 Get updates on the status of my card by calling

PACI Helpline – 188988 can also do this.

 How do I obtain a Civil ID number?

Verification of the Kuwait Civil ID serial number can be done via the link www.moi.gov.kw. Clicking this link will take you directly to the Home Office home page where you can retrieve your serial number.

What is the serial number of the Kuwait National ID?

Kuwait Request Steps to Obtain Serial Number...

To access the serial number required for interaction with government services, you must look at the back of your citizen card. You can easily find the serial number by flipping the card over.

What is a reference code number?

Reference codes can be alphanumeric or numeric and are primarily used to locate materials. Reference codes are a required element of both ISAD(G) and DACS. The term signature is sometimes used interchangeably with reference code, but reference code is a broader term.

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