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how to renew istimara in ksa: [Saudi Arabia]

how to renew istimara

The Ministry of Interior has granted Saudi nationals access to various government electronic services through the automated and secure platform “Abshar”, which was launched in 2015. To this end, a convenient electronic service has been added to the Abushar platform to assist beneficiaries in renewing their vehicle driving licenses or documents known as “Istimala”.

Istimalas are usually issued with a validity of 3 years and must be renewed online via the Abshar Portal before expiration. If you do not renew, you will have to pay a fine.

With this in mind, the following article will explain all the steps that citizens need to take to renew their car driving license or istimala. In addition, all the terms and conditions of this service are covered and at the end, the Saudi Arabian Istimalah fine is also mentioned.

KSA Istimara Renewal Terms and Conditions for:

how to renew istimara

All beneficiaries wishing to renew their vehicle registration must comply with all the terms and conditions below. This must be done before submitting the Istimala renewal application.

  • Must have a valid periodic vehicle inspection or FAHAS.
  • Must have valid auto insurance.
  • Pay all traffic violations. This can be viewed through the individual’s Absher account and paid through the bank’s application or his ATM.
  • Pay a renewal fee of 100 Saudi Riyals per year.
  • The expiry date of the Istimalah must be within 180 days of the expiration date

How do I renew an Istimalah in Saudi Arabia?

how to renew istimara

All beneficiaries residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must: You can renew your car license or istimala on the Absher platform by following the steps.

  • Open your Absher account, select Personal, and log in
  • Go to e-Services
  • Click on Muraor
  • . Then click on Vehicle Service
  • . Select your vehicle.
  • . Click Update Vehicle Registration.
  • . Confirm registration.
  • . A notification will be sent to confirm your request.

. After completing the Istimala renewal process, you can choose to have your documents delivered by clicking on “Request documents sent by post” or you can go to the nearest transport office to pick up your documents or your Istimala card. Also, be sure to make a reservation before going there. You can also use the booking service available on the Abshar portal and select “Printing in Istimala” as the purpose of your booking.

Is there a penalty for expired istimala?

how to renew istimara

As indicated in Saudi Arabia’s traffic regulations, the penalty for extending the istimala in 2023 is up to 100 Saudi Riyals, so the beneficiary will be fined once the istimala expires. must be paid.

In conclusion, the above article contains all the information you need to renew your istimala or vehicle driving license through the services online provided by Abshar. We have reviewed the terms and conditions of this electronic service and explained the steps required to complete this process as well as the fines that must be paid when the istimala expires.

Requirements for istimara renewal:

how to renew istimara

Several requirements must be met before starting the update.

  • The vehicle must be insured. Make sure you have valid car insurance.
  • passes periodic motor vehicle inspection (MVPI) (also known as Fahas). Your vehicle must be in good condition according to Saudi traffic laws.
  • Please note that you will not be able to proceed with the Istimara update unless these requirements are met.

Fahas (Vehicle Inspection)

Fahas are mandatory vehicle inspections to ensure that a vehicle meets the required safety and roadworthiness standards. You can have your vehicle inspected at an authorized Fahas center. After the inspection, you will receive a Fajas certificate which is valid for one year.

To increase your chances of success, it is recommended that you have your vehicle serviced before the Fahas test.

Car Insurance

Istimara, you must have valid car insurance. Several insurance companies in Saudi Arabia offer different packages. You can purchase or renew auto insurance online or visit your insurance company’s office.

The insurance company will send your insurance details directly to the transport authority’s system.

Istimara Update Instructions and Requirements

MOI Absher provides an online service that can do just about anything. You can pay fines, check unpaid fees, and pay vehicle registration fees. You can proceed only after creating a MOI Absher account.

How to pay for vehicle registration renewal

how to renew istimara

There are several ways to pay for Istimala renewal fees. The renewal fee for Istimala is 300 Saudi Riyals. Previously it was 150 riyals, now it is 300 riyals. This amount can be deposited through your bank account, ATM, or Sadad account.

Pay outstanding dues:

If you have unpaid tolls, such as traffic violations, you must pay them first. All fees can be paid by the bank, Tahweel al Rajhi, or Quick Pay. You can check this on your Absher account.

Validity of Istimara:

Expiration Date Abshar will renew the vehicle registration when it expires after 180 days or 6 months. Please renew Istimara before it expires. You can check the expiration date on your Istimara card. If you are missing something, you can check it in your Absher account.

Steps to Update Istimara:

Once all requirements are met, update your Istimara or vehicle registration. This can be easily done through the Absher app or web portal. This video is in Urdu, but you can mute it by following these steps:

Collect istimara:

If you have a new Istimara card, you don’t need to go to the office. Just update online. New Istimara cards do not have an expiration date listed. However, if you have an old item, you can stop by the Muroa office and physically pick it up. It is also available through the Wasel service.


In conclusion, the process of renewing your istimara is a straightforward yet essential task for vehicle owners in Doha. This guide has provided comprehensive insights into “How to Renew Istimara,” covering the necessary steps, documentation, and considerations.

By adhering to the outlined renewal process and ensuring timely completion, vehicle owners can maintain compliance with traffic regulations and continue enjoying the convenience of their vehicles on Qatar’s roads. Whether utilizing online platforms or visiting designated service centers, the renewal of estimates is a proactive measure that contributes to a safe and well-regulated driving environment.

Remember to plan, check for any updates in the renewal procedures, and take advantage of the available resources to ensure a smooth and efficient estimate renewal experience. Stay informed, keep your vehicle documentation up to date, and enjoy uninterrupted journeys on the roads of Doha.


How do I take Istimala online?


  • Create an account on the Tamm website.
  • Select the service for issuing permanent motor vehicle licenses.
  • Select the desired ownership type and enter your customs card number.
  • Enter the license plate, registration type, and vehicle type.
  • Enter vehicle information and driver’s license information.

What is the Istimalah renewal fee in Saudi Arabia in 2023?

As indicated in the Saudi traffic regulations, the fine for Istimalah renewal in 2023 is up to 100 Saudi Riyals, so when the Istimalah expires the beneficiary must pay a fine.

How do I extend Istimara in Qatar? Visit the MOI website

to complete the Istimara renewal process online

  • Step 1: Log in to the MOI E-Services Portal. …
  • Step 2: Access the Transport Service. …
  • Step 3: Select Update Vehicle License…
  • Step 4: Enter vehicle details. …
  • Step 5: Make the payment. …
  • Step 6: Print temporary istimara. …
  • Step 7: Wait for delivery of the new Istimara.

What does istimala mean?

The language translation of the word istimala means “form” or “questionnaire”. Driving a car without a valid istimala can result in criminal charges. He must renew every three years before the Istimala expires.

How can I get Istimala?

How to Get Istimala Online in Saudi Arabia Create an account on the

  • Tamm website.
  • Select the service that issues your permanent driver’s license.
  • Select the ownership type.
  • Enter your customs card number.
  • Enter the license plate, registration type, and vehicle type.

How do I find my MVPI?

How do I know if my test report is valid? Tests are valid for one year and can be identified by a test sticker or test report. Log in to Abshir (Personal) and select “Vehicles – Services – Fleet Management – ​​Select Vehicle – Details”.

What is the fine for an expired Istimalah in Saudi Arabia?

Istimalah fine expired

According to Saudi Traffic Regulations, the fine for an extension of Istimalah in 2024 is 100 SAR.

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