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How to Renew Your Qatar Health Card?

How to Renew Your Qatar Health Card?

How to Renew Your Qatar Health Card?

Citizens and residents of Qatar can apply for a health card to receive services at medical facilities or hospitals of Hamad Medical Corporation.

The card is the same size as a driver’s license. This includes your ID number, nationality, photo, and date of issue and is available to all residents of Qatar.

Renewing your Qatar Health Card is crucial to maintaining access to quality healthcare services in Qatar. Health cards are important documents for residents and expatriates. It serves as proof of eligibility for complementary care and facilitates seamless interaction with healthcare providers. Whether you’ve been a resident for years or recently arrived as an expat, renewing your Qatar health card might seem daunting. With the correct information and guidance, you can easily complete the renewal process for your Qatar Health Card, ensuring safety and comprehensive health protection throughout your stay in the country.

Additional costs may apply for non-emergency consultations and treatments, which are subsidized for those with a valid health card. Health card holders can also pick up prescriptions at state pharmacies at a discounted rate.

Qatar Health Card:

How to Renew Your Qatar Health Card?

The Qatar Health Card is a smart card issued by the Ministry of Health and is an important document for all residents of Qatar. It serves as a storage medium for complete medical records and is mandatory when receiving medical services at government or private health facilities in the country. In emergencies, healthcare providers can efficiently retrieve medical information from the card and provide timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment.

How to get a Qatar Health card?

How to Renew Your Qatar Health Card?

To obtain a health card, go to your nearest Primary Health Care Center (PHCC). There you will need to fill out the relevant form. After completing the registration process, you will be issued a PHCC health file number. Please bring the following:

  • Qatari adults: Copy of passport or ID card, passport photo (4cm x 3cm), and QR50 fee
  • For Qatari children, the following documents are required: a birth certificate with the Qatari ID number or passport, a passport photo, the vaccination certificate (for the first issue), and a fee of QR50.
  • GCC Adult Adult Residents: Copy of passport or ID card with Qatar personal identification number, passport photo, old health card (for renewal) ) and fees QR50
  • For a GCC National Child Resident in Qatar, the following documents are required:
  • Birth certificate or passport with Qatari personal identification number
  • Passport photo
  • Vaccination certificate (issued for the first time to children born in Qatar)
  • Old health card (for renewal)
  • Fee of QR50
  • Adult residents: Passport with valid QID or valid residence permit, 1 passport photo, fee 100 QR
  • Children: Passport with valid residence permit, passport photo, preventive Immunization certificate (for the first issue and births). (person receiving vaccination in Qatar or Qatar) and a fee of 100 QR
  • Domestic workers need to provide a valid passport with a valid residence permit, a passport-sized photo, an original QID of the sponsor, and pay a fee of 50 QR, similar to the fees for other professions approved by Qatar’s Ministry of Interior.
  • All: Copy of utility bill (telephone, water/electricity) – This shows where you live.
  • Payment must be made by credit card. Cash is not accepted. The health center will either issue you a card immediately or ask you to pick it up within a few days.

Please note that health cards are only issued during morning working hours.

How to renew Qatar Health Card?

How to Renew Your Qatar Health Card?

Updating your health card is a simple process and can be done instantly at all HMC hospitals. Ask the Patient and Visitor Service Center staff to direct you to the correct location for each hospital.

  • Cards can also be renewed online through the Qatar government portal Hukoomi (link)
  • If the health card is lost but still valid, Qatari citizens must pay 50 QR for replacement, and non-Qatari nationals must pay 100 QR for replacement.
  • If your health card is lost and expired, Qatari citizens must pay QR 100 for a replacement card and non-Qatari nationals must pay QR 200 for a replacement card.

Qatar Health Card Online Renewal:

How to Renew Your Qatar Health Card?

 Follow the steps below to obtain a receipt for your Qatar Health Card Renewal online.

  • Visit the Qatar Health Card e-Service website. First, visit the Qatar Government Electronic Health Card Service (Hukoomi) website.
  • Enter your login details. Enter your QID number, select the “Renew (update expiry date)” option, and click the “Next” button.
  • Fill out the application form. The application form is straightforward and easy to comprehend. Enter the number of years you want for your card’s new expiration date. Then enter a valid phone number. Select “Yes” if you would like to receive payment confirmation via email. Otherwise, please select “No”. Next, enter your email address. If you want to receive notifications on your mobile phone, also enter your mobile phone number and click Next.
  • Please check the contents. Carefully review the information you provided in the previous step. Once you have verified that everything is correct, click Next. Otherwise, use the Back button to make the necessary corrections.
  • Make payment. Complete your payment by entering your debit or credit card details. Please note that the price will be displayed automatically based on your QID.
  • Once your health insurance card renewal application has been successfully submitted, you can choose to print a completion receipt or click the “Finish” button to complete the process.
  • Once you apply for the Online Health Card Renewal Service, you will receive a confirmation email immediately. Depending on the settings you choose, a confirmation will be sent to you via email or SMS.

Offline Renewal of Qatar Health Card:

How to Renew Your Qatar Health Card?

You can renew your Qatar Health Card by visiting the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) facility or Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) center nearest to your residence. Offline extensions are only possible during morning working hours.

To renew your offline health card, you must bring the documents listed below.

  • Qatari adults: Valid ID card or passport copy and passport photo (4cm x 3cm)
  • Qatari children: ID number and health insurance card
  • GCC national adults/children: Qatari personal identification number and senior citizens’ Copy of ID card with health status
  • Adult residents: QID with valid residence permit and old health card
  • Children with residents: QID with valid residence permit, old health card, and original QID from sponsor
  • Domestic worker: QID from sponsor with the valid residence permit, old health card, and original QID

Qatar Health Card Renewal Cost:

How to Renew Your Qatar Health Card?
  • Foreigners (Adults or Children) 100 QAR
  • Qatar Nationals (Adults or Children): 50
  • GCC Nationals (Adults or Children): 50
  • QAR Domestic Workers: 50

QAR for Qatar Health Cards Renewal Check:

How to Renew Your Qatar Health Card?

You can check your application status by visiting the Hukoomi website. You must enter your QID number to continue.

how do get a lost Qatar Health Card?

How to Renew Your Qatar Health Card?

To replace a lost Qatar Health Card, follow these steps:

  • Report the Loss: Report the loss of your health card to the nearest health center or the Ministry of Public Health.
  • Request for Replacement: Request a replacement health card at the health center. You may need to fill out a form and provide identification.
  • Provide Necessary Documents: Prepare any required documents, such as a copy of your passport and residence permit (QID), as well as a passport-sized photograph.
  • Pay Replacement Fee: Pay the applicable fee for the replacement health card. Fees may vary.
  • Processing Time: Wait for the processing of your request. The replacement health card is usually issued within a few days to a few weeks.
  • Collection: Once your replacement health card is ready, collect it from the designated health center.
  • It’s important to carry your health card with you at all times, as it is required for accessing healthcare services in Qatar.

Advantages of Qatar Health card:

How to Renew Your Qatar Health Card?

The Qatar Health Card offers several advantages:

  • Access to Healthcare: The health card provides access to public healthcare services in Qatar, including consultations, treatments, and medications.
  • Subsidized Healthcare Costs: Holders of healthcare benefit from subsidized healthcare costs, making medical services more affordable.
  • Health Records Management: The health card helps in maintaining a centralized record of an individual’s medical history, facilitating better healthcare management.
  • Emergency Services: In case of emergencies, the health card ensures prompt access to medical treatment.
  • Preventive Services: The card often includes coverage for preventive services such as vaccinations and screenings, promoting overall health and well-being.
  • Specialized Care: Some health cards provide access to specialized medical care and treatments.
  • Health Awareness Programs: Holders of the health card may also benefit from health awareness programs and initiatives organized by the Ministry of Public Health.

Overall, the Qatar Health Card is a valuable resource that ensures individuals have access to essential healthcare services and promotes a healthier population.


In conclusion, renewing your Qatar Health Card is a straightforward process that ensures uninterrupted access to healthcare services in Qatar. By following the simple steps outlined above, including preparing the necessary documents, submitting the application, and paying the renewal fee, you can easily renew your health card and continue to benefit from subsidized healthcare costs and access to medical services. Stay proactive about your health by ensuring your health care is always up to date.


How do I check the validity of my Qatar health insurance card?

If you want to perform the operation offline and manually, you can proceed to any HMC setup. You can also visit health centers that are officially affiliated with the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC). When inquiring about the expiry date of your health insurance card, simply enter the required information.

What documents are required for a Qatar health card?

You will need:

  • A copy of your Qatar ID.
  • Copy of passport ID page.
  • Proof of Address: This is usually a copy of your Kahramaa utility bill.
  • A photo of the blue sign in front of the apartment.
  • Passport photo with blue background (4x3cm)

How can I renew my health card online in Dubai?

Health Card Renewal

  • Smart Services with a valid Emirates ID Card: Create an application through Smart Services, either at the
  • Online Services or at the Writing Center.
  • Pay the service fee.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the appropriate Health Registration Officer.

How do I change my health center in Qatar?

  • How to change my PHCC health center Download and open the
  • Nar’aakom app.
  • Access the National Authentication System (NAS) by logging in. Please enter your QID number and password.
  • Choose the “Change My Health Center” option.
  • Select applicant.
  • Please select a reason for transfer.
  • Enter your home address information.

 What is the renewal fee for the Qatar ID card?

Qatar ID in 2024: Explore online checking, renewal, fees, and application processes.

Qatar ID renewal fee

500 QR for spousal, child, and family sponsorship ( QR 1,000 (for 1 year) for employees sponsored by companies, institutions, and stores (for 1 year) QR 300 (for 1 year) for personally sponsored employees, domestic workers, farmers, and seafarers

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