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Where to find volunteers in Doha

Where to find volunteers in Doha

volunteers in Doha

Here’s where to look for community service drives in Qatar if you’ve been wanting to give back a little. This is a list of locations (arranged alphabetically) where you can sign up to volunteer and participate in community service projects, provided by the ILoveQatar.net (ILQ) team.

Al-Faza Volunteering center – Al-Faisal without borders foundation:

volunteers in Doha

Enroll in the ALFaza Volunteering Centre to prepare yourself, meet the requirements, and participate in numerous community activities and projects. The ALFaza Volunteering Centre supports the efforts of government and semi-government agencies by collaborating closely with them.

Please call +974 4498 1435.

www.arb.alfaisalfoundation.org is the website.

Use @alf_foundation on Instagram

DEAP Qatar:

volunteers in Doha

DEAP Qatar is dedicated to preserving the environment and frequently organizes various campaigns, such as beach clean-ups, that enable people to improve the health of the environment.

Watch their social media pages for any campaigns or events in which you can become involved.

Facebook: @deapqatar

Education all above:

volunteers in Doha

A non-profit organization called Education Above All works to give as many children in Qatar or around the world as possible access to education.

When registering, volunteers have the option of participating in ongoing projects, group efforts, one-time events, and many more.

Please call +974 4454 1603.

www.educationaboveall.org is the website.

@educationaboveall_eaa on Instagram

Maktaba Qatar:

volunteers in Doha

Teens and young adults have a fantastic opportunity to volunteer! Maktaba is a children’s library that offers numerous kid-friendly activities in addition to reading sessions.

They give young adults the chance to get a taste of the working world and volunteer in the community, where they can improve their social skills, help manage libraries, and much more.

[974 4427 8810] Visit the website.

@maktabaqatar on Instagram

Qatar Animal Welfare Society: (QAWS)

volunteers in Doha

The Qatar Animal Welfare Society devotes a great deal of effort to the rescue, rehabilitation, and even placement of animals in loving homes.

This is the appropriate location for you to volunteer if you would like to support the cause.

Phone: (974) 5539-6074


@qataranimalwelfaresociety on Instagram

Qatar Voluntary Center:

volunteers in Doha

The Qatar Voluntary Centre takes part in several programs to promote volunteering as a concept and a culture throughout society. The organization takes an active part in neighborhood gatherings. Additionally, the organization serves as a resource and a source of volunteers for other outside organizations in need of support.

Please call +974 4467 5999.


Social media: @voluntaryqa

Qatar Red Crescent Society:

volunteers in Doha

The eminent charitable organization in Qatar that promotes both national and international concerns is the Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS). They participate in a variety of fieldwork campaigns, such as blood donation drives, food distribution drives, medical help drives, and much more. Becoming a volunteer with the Qatar Red Crescent Society also means participating in a variety of training and educational initiatives that will assist with skill refreshers.

Please call +974 3373 9791.


; @qrcs on Instagram


volunteers in Doha

To ensure that food is given to people in need and to reduce food waste, Wahab is an organization that organizes food drives. To carry out these campaigns to prevent food waste, they ask volunteers to assist with distributions and other tasks.

Website: www.wahab.qa Contact: +974 5052 0220 | +974 5503 8018

Social media: @wahab_qa

Did you know that these organizations allow you to sign up as a volunteer? Which of them are you going to enroll in? Please let us know by leaving a comment below. Please forward this article; it helps to keep us running!


In conclusion, Doha offers a vibrant and compassionate community with numerous opportunities for those seeking to make a positive impact through volunteering. This exploration of “Where to Find Volunteer Opportunities in Doha” has highlighted various organizations, NGOs, and initiatives that welcome individuals eager to contribute their time and skills.

Whether you are passionate about community development, environmental conservation, or humanitarian aid, Doha provides a diverse array of volunteering avenues. By engaging in volunteer work, you not only contribute to meaningful causes but also foster personal growth, cultural understanding, and a sense of social responsibility.

Remember to explore the opportunities mentioned in this guide, connect with local organizations, and embark on a fulfilling volunteer journey in Doha. Your dedication can be a catalyst for positive change, creating a stronger sense of unity and shared purpose within the vibrant community of Doha. Get involved, make a difference, and experience the profound rewards of giving back to the community.


Where is the greatest need for volunteers?

Ten Community Volunteering Opportunities

Hospital or Medical Centre; School District; Political Campaign; Animal Shelter; Public Media Production; Local Library; Hospital or Medical Centre; Food Bank

Where can I locate volunteers?

You should also start your investigation at your place of employment, school, or religion. Use your communication channels (website, email, social media, etc.) to post volunteer opportunities. There are numerous websites, both national and local, where one can look for volunteer activities.

How can I learn about chances to volunteer?

When searching for volunteer opportunities in the vicinity, volunteer centers are frequently a smart place to start. They can learn about your interests and work to place you in a volunteer position that suits you at a nearby nonprofit or voluntary group.

How can I volunteer in Qatar in 2023?

  • AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023™ Volunteer Program |Apply Now – Get It…
  • What are the steps and timeline to become a Qatar Volunteer in 2023?
  • Visit Volunteer.AsianCup2023.qa (October)
  • Register and fill out the application form (October)
  • Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interviews (October and November)

Abroad Can I volunteer for free?

While it is possible to find free volunteer opportunities abroad around the world, most international volunteer organizations charge a fee to cover the administrative and operational costs of their programs.

Which country has the highest volunteer participation rate?

Sri Lanka

Which country has the highest volunteer participation rate? Sri Lanka has the highest number of volunteers in the world, with 46% of the population choosing to volunteer.

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